Frog Went a Cleansing

Daily Draw May 18th, 2012

38 – FROG

It’s amazing to me that after not using a decks for months or years you can cut the deck numerous times, shuffle four or five times, and still get a card you pulled before.

Apart from being salient to Spring, the Frog is about cleansing and water. Perhaps another nudge for me to drink more water. Oh, and I also soaked my feet this morning to take care of them.



4 thoughts on “Frog Went a Cleansing

    • I didn’t realize you had this deck. It just doesn’t seem like the sort of thing you go for. I’m the animal and flower person!

      Maybe the frog is telling me I’m going to croak? Hahaha

  1. Hahaha. I can just see someone saying that to a client in a public reading. Love it, lol.

    I got this one for about a pound in a boot fair. It was just there and cheap, so I bought it. I have often cross referenced, reading up about the animals when using other decks that uses them.

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