Lift Your Face To It

Daily Draw May 13th, 2012

One of the recent books I bought on doing your own nature journal has rather raw sketches coloured with broad strokes of coloured pencil. They are real field sketches rather than an attempt at scientific illustration and I have found it encouraging. You know what it’s like when you are out of practice, you never feel good enough and so stop instead of plugging away and getting better.

Yesterday I went out to sketch a tulip that was a bit past its prime but I really wanted to identify it. So far on this page I started out very tentatively in the bottom right with tiny renditions of some of the spring-flowering things in my foundation bed at the front. Then I got a bit bolder, and yesterday I did this vivid orange-red tulip and was able to get enough detail in there that I could identify it. It is a Greigii class of tulip called Red Riding Hood.

That was a real kick, and I finally identified my beloved Fragrant Snowball bush as Viburnum carlesii. I was on air all day and planning ahead and thinking forward about how if I just practiced for a few months I would start the habit of visual journals that I’ve wanted to do for years. There is just something magical about drawing something from your own garden. Today I need to get the last of the primroses on the page and there is another purple tulip I’d like to identify too. Mixing the scale of plants really starts to make the page pop.



There is always a future winding on, lift your face to it.

I like in the book where he says that rest and regeneration will help you regain your zest for life. I haven’t been feeling too zesty the last couple of weeks, so back to basics with the simple things in life is just the reminder I need. Think of inspiring ideas rather than worrying thoughts. I LOVE that idea.

Sit in the sun-dappled glade with Chamomile and contemplate those ripening apples on the tree above. And while you’re there, get out that sketchbook and draw.



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