Neutral Gear is Here

Daily Draw May 12th, 2012

Up at 3:30 a.m. to take an aspirin. Local boys on ATVs have recently chewed up the right-of-way through the woods so much and created hill after hill, that it’s almost impossible to walk there. For 25 years we’ve enjoyed walking there with our various dogs and it looks like that’s wrecked for us too. I hurt my knees trying to navigate it yesterday.

My husband says to let it go as it isn’t our land. Well, it isn’t their land either. Another sign that we should move in a couple of years. No place is perfect, but it seems to me that humans ruin every natural place that we share.


This is about refusing to jump into the middle of the affairs of others and relationships. Trust that others will work out their own problems including the ideas and feelings they want to communicate to each other.

So, not specifically about the situation I am worrying about but a general idea of non-interference and refusing to get upset by other people and not get in the middle of disputes. This picture looks like the hands from two people standing behind the main figure are trying to clutch his/her heart, so that the figure needs protection from them or needs to set boundaries so they can’t clutch and grab his/her emotions.

A need to insulate and protect my own heart and feelings is hinted at. I take this to mean to stay on my own property and enjoy my land and garden as I can. I trust that the situation will take care of itself if I stay neutral.



2 thoughts on “Neutral Gear is Here

  1. It’s infuriating. For this reason I want to believe in Eternal Damnation for the thoughtless selfish ones. I suppose the desire to see them burn in hell doesn’t do much for my karma credit card, though 😉 Hope you feel better soon.

    • I got out in my garden yesterday Debra, and I’m feeling better about it. I am concentrating on what I have rather than what I lost–seems to help tremendously.

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