If You Missed the Portal Tarot the First Time

Finally, Traci Darin is able to produce this Majors-only deck once more. In case you missed it the first time, she is now selling copies through her Etsy shop. You can order the small or large version.

Being hand produced and hand laminated, they are expensive, but it is a nice set with artwork by David Works and an excellent booklet and handmade bag by Traci.

There are such beautiful saturated colours in this deck. I have found it very good for visualization and writing exercises. I made two of these bags for it because I loved the colours so much.

I only have about three Majors-only decks and this one is a treasure.


2 thoughts on “If You Missed the Portal Tarot the First Time

    • Thanks Lorena. I made two of those–still have to make one for myself. I have since used the orange fabric for the Bloomsday Quilt regarding James Joyce, so I need to grab some before it’s gone totally. I have oodles of the red binding though.

      Actually, you’ve reminded me to get yet another project finished. 😉

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