Woof Goes the Wind

Daily Draw May 11th, 2012

I wasn’t quite sure about this. The reading isn’t for me but it’s hard to detach me from the reading. I am using the Present Spread for the Playing Card Oracles. The reading is for Isabel and the question was “Why is she listless?” I’m not sure about that being the best question but it’s an overview I suppose.

Lots of Diamond Fire and wind blowing around here. No Air, no Water, a feeling of being parched and suffocating.

1) This week Isabel is feeling isolation and limited movement, perhaps boredom as her security becomes a prison. This is true as she isn’t getting outside much and is sleeping a lot, just not up to much or being as alert as usual.

2) The North Wind in the 2nd week brings unsettling energy. Not so much listless now but anxious maybe, mentally unsettled and blown about.

3) More disturbing wind but it could be refreshing, somewhat mischievous or playful and humorous as it’s the South Wind this time. It’s unplanned which is why I thought it might be refreshing. When you are bored and listless, something unplanned can be stimulating in a positive way. The South Wind strikes me as impish, rather than malicious.

4) For the 4th week Isabel might be feeling maternal or supportive of someone, receptive perhaps to a new friend?

And for the Geomantic figures I got for this:

The 1st Witness supports the feeling that she is boxed in. Populus is about community and she is picking up feelings from her community. My husband and I are her community since Isabel is our dog. Surprise! She is reflecting us, and we are a bit sad and listless ourselves.

With the 2nd Witness we move into Mars territory which can be about anger or conflict. Bad temper or bad blood, maybe physically not feeling well, or crankiness. You need to move and play to get the blood and lymph moving through the body and our little community is not doing much of that. This could be a real warning sign for our collective health or a caution against accidents and overdoing it.

The outcome is also Rubeus. I was thinking this might be a competitive aspect of Rubeus. I got the feeling that could be used positively, such as the energy and competition a dog friend might bring to Isabel. That might be reflective of the Livia card in the 4th week. The primal energy of a younger dog might perk her up, as would mothering a younger dog in some way. I also think there would be some adjustments here that could be negative, perhaps an awareness of conflict. It could just be conflicting feelings about a new dog. Animals are like people, you need to get to know them and they need time to fit in. That can get pretty stroppy as you find the right routine.

I’m not quite sure about the double Rubeus here. I don’t feel it really bad but it’s kind of an angry zone of temperament. As you can see I drew some lines on the geomantic figures, which is something Ana suggests in the book.



4 thoughts on “Woof Goes the Wind

  1. It’s interesting that you say about yourself in this reading, because in the way you’ve laid the cards out, I see you as Livia, holding a dog bowl of water. And the ‘winds’ are your two dogs, jumping around and playing, far from home (the building in the back). The North Wind is the only one in black, so I wonder if that it is Abby. I know this adds little to the reading, but it’s what I saw first – you and the dogs out for a walk.

    I also thought it interesting that there is a free run between the pips in the first row (from the building to Izzy as the South Wind) except for the gate. I wonder what that means. However, you are next to her and are producing your offering. Maybe the prison is grief that you can help each other through?

  2. I love when other people can see different things to me. I think you might be right about me being Livia. Maternal attitude is so not me but I am really trying to comfort her lately.

    I was out in the garden sketching today and she came to sit beside me and I got up and brought her a bowl of water!

    Perhaps the two winds (2 dead dogs) are like a bridge of sorts between isolation and supportive measures?

    I find the Geomantic figures confusing when added to all this. Thanks for your insights–as always valuable.

  3. I guess we can be maternal in all kinds of ways. It could be argued that you are maternal with your decks; you nurture and log them and create beautiful boxes and bags for them. Your animals are probably a better judge of your maternal side; or maybe the plants in your garden or your creative work: both grow with every year. Maybe stretching the maternal idea a bit, but I think that the dogs probably see that caregiving in a way that you might not. I see the fiery side of Livia in you; when you get caught in the passion of art work or the excitement of story or someone else’s illustration. These courts are difficult because I see a lot of both an earth and fire queen (from tarot) in Livia.

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