Zephyr Waits for Rennie

Daily Draw May 10th, 2012

I had planned something else today but I’m not quite up to it so I drew a postcard.

by Erté

This is a serigraph or silk screen print that Erté made in 1982. He started doing signed copies of his work (this one had silver foil on it) so that people who couldn’t afford his originals, could buy one of these prints.

She looks a bit startled here, dashing off with a backward look of apprehension. Zephyr is after her and all those flowers in her clothing give us the clue about who she is.

I am familiar with the lady, more often called Flora, from Botticelli’s Primavera. I never realized though that Botticelli has shown the entire myth. I did Zephyr and Chloris once with the Golden Botticelli Tarot, where they have cleverly morphed Chloris and Flora together on the Seven of Cups, although when I did that card I didn’t realize they really were the same entity. She starts off as the nymph Chloris being chased by the wind Zephyr, and she changes into Flora to escape him. As you can see Botticelli hints at that in this detail. As Flora ran away, she breathed out flowers which spread over the countryside, thus giving mortals lovely flowers.

For today, I’m going to take this as a “Run away and smell the flowers” kind of day.

Oh, look what the wind blew in…..

Zephyr apparently likes modern architecture.

While waiting for my Play Architecture playing cards to arrive, I am also reading a book from my collection called Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Alan Crawford, which is part of the Thames and Hudson World of Art series.

Struth, there he is, dashing across the pond as we speak.

Great excitement, much dancing and strewing of flowers.


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