Play Architecture

Daily Draw May 9th, 2012

I’ve been browsing again at Book Depository. I found a lovely set of playing cards with an architectural theme. Printed by Piatnik for the Finnish Building Centre (Rakennustieto) in 1990, they were reprinted in 1995 and 2008 (at least) and are readily available in the newer edition. I like the logo of the Rakennustieto, which you can see in this image.

The blurb from the publisher:

”You may be dealt a hand with Le Corbusier, Charles Jencks or Antonio Gaudi in it; even if you are not so lucky you will enjoy the company of the international top names in architecture. Play Architecture game cards contain the top names of 20th century architecture from celebrated designers to world-famous projects. Pre-Modernism, Modernism, Post-Modernism and De-Structuralism are the four strong suits included in the pack. The aces are in a class of their own, not to speak of the two surprise jokers.”

Several years ago when architect Robert Royston died, I wrote about him and my interest in architecture. Sprinkled in this card blog in relation to art periods and postcards and such, I have made the odd reference to architecture too.

So I am going to open up a new study about these playing cards and learn something new or just explore design and the biographies of architects using the terrific line drawings and information in this deck.

Top names baby, top names all the way.


2 thoughts on “Play Architecture

  1. I think that these cards are stunning. Such clean lines and bold colours cut their way through any kind of mind fog. Just what we need, once a week.

    I have one book on architecture. I got it when I was doing my Summer project before art college. We were set a brief before we got there, to make a body sculpture based on architecture. I spent days, drawing up ideas om A1 sheets. In the end, I made a structre that covered the whole body and covered it in fabric, like the Reichstag that Christo and Jean Claude wrapped.

    This is the book I have –

    Will be looking forward to following along on this journey!

    • That little book has 1,000 pages! It looks like it is packed with information.

      I’ve got architectural information in my Modern Art book and also the book on the Vienna Secessionists like Klimt.

      Oh, and Rennie Mackintosh is on the Queen of Diamonds in this deck!

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