Sunday Go To Jupiter

Daily Draw May 6th, 2012

13 – Nichomiah – King of Hearts
8 of Hearts – The Garden

I laughed when I pulled The Garden, because I was out sketching in my garden yesterday while my husband mowed the lawn, and plan to do so again today.

Nichomiah seems like the perfect card for a Sunday. We usually have what we call “Sunday go to meeting supper,” with a roast and potatoes and veggies, just like our Mom’s made for Sundays. I know Nichomiah can get a bit carried away and give too much of himself, but he reminds me of the Gustav Holst segment from The Planets: Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity. I can hear that music in my head. Nichomiah just cheers me up.

There is a snake in the garden on the card and we get garter snakes here. It reminds me of a long ago day when my Siamese cat Hog Wild, now deceased, was throwing something up and up in the garden and twirling it around, and when I went out to check it was a garter snake that he had killed. This is the environment we love, the garden, the lawn, the woods and ponds. We have a nice pair of mallards nesting in the big pond out back, and lots of beavers clearing the wetland of invasive bulrushes that had nearly choked the ponds after a local farmer trapped all the beavers out years ago.

My sister had suggested to us that we could go into a condominium when we retire. Neither of us could do that, it would kill our spirits, and you usually aren’t allowed pets, so that would further dash our spirits down. No, you have to be true to what you like in life, and we like a garden and house and pets. That’s another reason this card popped up—just to remind us to be true to ourselves.

It’s a red day of energy and comfort, of the even, steady growth of a garden and the sentimentality of the Good King, the bringer of jollity.

Nichomiah is Jupiter!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Go To Jupiter

    • I haven’t heard it much lately either. Our radio stations up here shook up their formats so not a lot of classical around. I keep meaning to buy a CD of it.

      Have you ever seen the Ken Russell film of The Planets? It’s pretty good–I saw it on TV once. it is somewhat dated since it was done in 1983 but I loved what he did. There are some snippets at YouTube of the film.

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