Vireo I Say Unto You

Daily Draw May 4th, 2012

by Charley Harper


We probably have these little birds flitting about our garden and woods, but they are more often heard than seen. It sings all day, on and on, and I’m sure having heard some sound clips online that I have mistaken them for sparrows. I must listen more carefully.

They make small cup-like nests in the fork of tree branches, and the Brown-Headed Cowbirds often put their eggs in vireo nests. I can’t imagine a voracious cowbird baby in the tiny nest of these birds but apparently they don’t damage the population of vireos.

I love that Charley Harper has captured these birds and their nest so accurately even with less detail.

I’m off to chitter-chatter throughout the day and to listen more carefully. This is the perennial dichotomy of communication.



2 thoughts on “Vireo I Say Unto You

  1. The red-eyed vireo’s song is often written “See me, here I am, not there, over here! See me…” Vireo means “I am green” and they are indeed difficult to spot since they live high in the canopy of mature deciduous trees, eating bugs. The stylized drawing on the card isn’t quite accurate – their faces are a warm white color, not yellow. Basically they’re olive green on top, white underneath, with a dark gray line over the red eye.

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