Alas for Madame Lenormand, She Was Suffocated Last Tuesday

Daily Draw May 5th, 2012

I was rather incensed to learn that there are cells of political correctness infusing the study of Lenormand decks. What a shame for those of us who have enjoyed our Lenormand decks in the quietude. This is why I don’t frequent forums any more, because although inspiring to learn of new systems and new decks on forums, such groups tend to drift toward a dogmatic rigidity after a time.

Only certain initiates can create their own Lenormand decks for instance, and there is One Correct System for study from one certain country and shouldn’t we all be using it? Well no actually.

I made my own Lenormand deck in September 2009 and have been using it happily ever since, not realizing how incorrect this was of me. How incorrect of me to use my skill with colour and composition to create something, and then use standard meanings with a dash of my own insight without consideration of it being from the correct country or person.

Gosh, I’m lucky to still be alive.

I decided to do a two-card draw from the generic playing card deck I drew titles on myself, using the system of Ana Cortez. Oh heavens, God forbid anyone should do that themselves without permission of the group and selected leaders of fashion….is this correct, can I do it? Has the committee passed the bylaw that allows such a thing?


Ignita, my old friend, keeps coming up for me. In this case my sense of outrage fueled a rather consuming fire in my chest. That sort of hunger can be dangerous which is why I usually go my own way and let others do the same. Opinion and outrage often morphs into bullying and ridicule.

However, I will keep the sense of self that Ignita brings me, because that’s a good quality for creative people. A sense of self is calm reason rather than the reigning correctness of the day. A sense of self enjoys what it enjoys, and creates what it creates because it chose to, not because some group said it was proper or correct. It goes on calmly enjoying what it enjoys despite the maelstrom of contrary dogma being bandied about.

Tendra is the night of the oblivious correctatronic mind. Oh yes, the suffocating vine of Correctatron is wending its way into the Lenormand world. Clutching the faithful to its bosom, demanding they conform and let only certain initiates create decks to study the certain system of certain enlightenment, certain their path is one of true certainty.

And to sum up, I am certain these cards look bloody good with a certain plaid background.



4 thoughts on “Alas for Madame Lenormand, She Was Suffocated Last Tuesday

  1. Correctatronic! 🙂
    That’s one of the reasons that I left the online Tarot groups. A lot of the fun and creativity have gone. Too many “initiates” left. Who conferred their titles and qualifications – Pokemon?
    Maybe I should add “self-initiated” to my website along with my other weird accomplishents. Take that, Correctatronics.

    The Ace and Ten of Diamonds, if “translated” into the Ace and Ten of Disks, seems like a perfect description of a finished, self-contained creative project. Carry on!

    • Hey, I see whole new category: The Pokemon Initiates. Instead of the Wizard of Oz, I have spotted the Wizard of Correctatron behind the curtain. That’s okay, we’ll sic Toto on him and all will be well since Toto has morphed into a ginger tabby.

      This just made me laugh and laugh. Oh dear.

  2. Oh the humanity!

    I have a Lenormand deck that I’ve mentioned, which I created by writing the numbers, titles and drawing a small image on a deck of Bicycle cards. I created that deck in a hurry when I needed something I felt comfortable taking to a lakeside campground for a weekend trip. I’ve gotten some good readings from that deck, and I cherish it, primitive as it may be.

    (It also features 32-card reversible keywords from Cicely Kent and Sepharial, from my time playing with old cartomancy methods.)

    As for the rigidity…. well, I have my own system that I use, but I wouldn’t force it on anyone. It’s not from “that country” that you mention. 😀

  3. Ah Jase, always a breath of fresh air!

    Old cartomancy, new cartomancy…in the immortal words of Cole Porter: “Old love, new love, every love but true love.”

    I like the sound of your one-off Lenormand.

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