Stella in the Pink

Daily Draw May 3rd, 2012

I came across Stella’s Tarot yesterday sitting on a book instead of in its proper place on the shelf. Obviously it was trying to get my attention.



Wheee!! Let’s give her some pinks beads and ribbons to juggle. I am not up to sewing yet, although I did pull my fridge out to clean behind it yesterday, and I’m churning through my second Louise Penny mystery.

My mood has improved at least.  I think the idea of caring for my home and feeling secure is in this card today, and the idea that if you move your arms and open them, your mind goes up, up, up, to a place that’s a lot more fun.



2 thoughts on “Stella in the Pink

  1. I love this. Pretty in pink! I used to resist pink but why resist? I love all colors. I love the idea of getting out baubles and ribbons and things to mess with. I need to do something creatively sumptuous and fun ASAP. This is a neat deck–I saw PLN use it a while back and I found it interesting then. I also just like the name Stella. Anyway…

    Hope you have a pleasant day. My mood has been really ‘blah’ too. May we both experience mood boosts!


    • Those pink baubles are supposed to go in a crazy patchwork for the flap of a purse I want to make myself. I am having trouble clearing space to sew and getting things organized, but every now and then I haul The Pink Stuff out–figured Stella has so much pink it would be a great photo op.

      Moving is one of the big stresses in life and don’t forget you had months of that neighbour’s dog barking and worry etc. For me, a lack of creative impetus is a dangerous signal of approaching depression. The trick is to catch it before it gets too bad. I find food a terrible mood influence, and salt too. If I eat properly I find I don’t get these feelings.

      Also, getting out in nature, even just for a walk is good. Get your bare feet on the ground–grounding, seeing nature and the real world is a big pick-me-up.

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