La Hire Hires The Chariot

Daily Draw May 2nd, 2012

I really like using these two decks together, so I’m doing another daily with them. One thing that bugged me was the pronunciation Ana used for La Hire. She says it is pronounced La Air but that isn’t quite right. Native French speakers say something closer to La Ear-uh. which you can hear at this site.



I am
the Chariot,
which carries calm
through torrent
and tempest;
quiet motion.

What struck me was the meditation depicted on this card and also the animals straddling the world or hemisphere, as if they could choose to go anywhere they wanted. Mindfulness meditation is recommended for chronic pain, something always to keep in mind.

La Hire, is not quite a trustworthy fellow. I feel his immaturity and irresponsibility need a firm hand on the reins. Today he reminds me of myself, or perhaps my body, which does have unpredictable ups and downs and is certainly a thief of my life. The Chariot will bring him into line.

We went for a nice walk in the woods, but I feel a terrible sadness since the two dogs we used to walk with are dead now. The one neighbour dog, Montana the black Lab, used to leap in and out of the ponds as we went. Our dogs knew we didn’t like them to do that since the muck at the bottom of the ponds was very sulphuric and sticky, but I miss Montana and her exuberance around water. Our old soul Abby made the walk last year but you used to have to stop and wait for her several times. She loved it though, so peaceful during green-up time. They both missed the coltsfoot this year.

I sit and wait for Chariot insight about it all. I have an embroidery planned for a bag for this deck and its attendant jumbo playing card deck with the hand drawn titles, so I might work on that a bit.



4 thoughts on “La Hire Hires The Chariot

  1. I never agreed with the pronunciation of “La Air” either, lol! I say “La Ihr”, with the french ‘r’ sound at the end, not the rolling english one.

    La Hire is not a trustworthy fellow indeed, but he’s related to the Water element which is the element of healing. Perhaps with the Chariot he suggests that you balance some sort of water treatment together with other remedies you already use?

    In a more general sense, I’d see him as something or someone who can sneak into your life unseen and destabilize your balance, your control (Chariot).Force you to stop or go more slow.

    Just some thoughts. 🙂

    • I am from Canada and we are surrounded by French speakers, so I was appalled with the suggestion of La Air. I think conversationally the “r” sound comes out in the French way. It’s only when you are trying to get the sound down that it rolls out more.

      Water treatment–I can’t get in and out of the tub and have no access for swimming, so maybe drinking more water would be the answer? Thanks.

      The sneaking into your life unseen–rather than a person, I felt this as my body, it’s sneaky grip destabilizing me. It seems to go into remission for a time and then swoops in.

      • I don’t live surrounded by french speakers (unfortunately) but I took french classes and was sure the pronunciation was nothing like “La Air”. I thought it was funny that you mentioned it because the suggestion appalled me as well when I first read it!

        Yes, I think perhaps drinking water or tea… keeping your body more hydrated could be helpful. Depending on the kind of pain you have, warm showers can be helpful (doesn’t need a tub :)).

        You know, my body was being a bit of La Hire itself a while ago. In March I had three different illnesses due to low immunity. 😦 I know how certain pains can definitely ruin your day! I hope that you recover, or at least that the symptoms lessen in intensity!

        It’s so nice that you are from Canada! A person I love very much lives there… though he and I are no longer together… I have wonderful memories of your country!

        • I was a bit relieved to know the French pronounciation was something others had noticed.

          Yes, I think “lessen in intensity” is a good way of putting it. Thanks.

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