Spider Thrones Make a Heavy Day

Daily Draw May 1st, 2012


The 4 of Wands is about new vistas I suppose and celebrating that. I usually think of this as a happy card, but all I see beckoning me through the bridge is age and ill health. The spouse informed me this morning that he has had tingling and pins and needles in his face for some time, which might be nerve damage or something else.

And me, I’ve got the Throne of Spiders as every fibre in my body screams with nerve pain. The web reminds me of the web of nerves and connective tissue in the body, plus the tingling pins my husband is getting. It isn’t a good card, but I suppose one can always choose a better thought. I am having trouble doing that this week and just feel hopeless. The book says “a need to let go” and that is certainly my main issue; chronic muscle tension has destroyed my nerves because I won’t let go.

The 4 of Wands book (dear old Brian Williams!) says “The flowers and ribbons represent celebration; their ephemeral nature reminds that the moment to rejoice in life is now.” Brought home certainly by the deaths of the artist and author of this deck. I think perhaps progressing to a new stage can be nice to contemplate, but to keep yourself from being tied in knots, it might be wise to contemplate the reflective circle and enjoy sitting on the bridge NOW.

And here’s a cheery thing: I bought two purse patterns so I could make some summer purses and the envelope had some lovely stamps on it.

I can dangle my feet off the bridge and listen to the water and observe butterflies, eagles, tigers, and decorated coffee pots. You know how coffee pots appear bobbing along in rivers, wondering how they got there, wondering how one minute they can be pretty and vibrant and filled with flavourful, roasted coffee beans, and the next minute discarded and rusty, flaking metal as they float, full of spider webs in their spouts.

Oh stop it Judith, put a ribbon on a Wand or something.

I could send the spouse off to the library with a list for nine detective novels to borrow. Yeah, that lets me see something good through that bridge and sweep out the cobwebs.



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