Dogged By Truth

Daily Draw April 28th, 2012

Having finished the titling on my plain jumbo playing cards to match the titles on the Playing Card Oracles, I am ready for my first reading. I could use the Playing Card Oracles themselves and I love the cards and the art, but I feel that for learning the system, a plain deck with just the titles would work best. It forces me to use my memory and own impressions.


The question I asked was whether we would be getting another Labrador Retriever and I used the 4-card spread Ana calls the Present Spread in the book. As you can see there are secondary considerations regarding ruling suits and positions, but first I want to sort through the direct meanings of the cards.

One of the things I have noticed is how expensive it is to buy a dog these days. Even the rescue people want $400 for a dog and it’s justified considering the feeding and vetting a dog gets, but it is well above my means. While searching and searching for a dog I can afford to no avail, I see card 1 advising prudence and a focus on spiritual rather than monetary issues. I think too this pertains to wanting a dog for spiritual reasons rather than rushing out to “procure” one frantically. So that’s for this week coming up.

The second week shows interest zooming up and then falling. Like grief catching in my throat for instance, since that is the relevant position. This card is out of whack with the ruling suit, so something to watch for in week two: flying around emotionally without thinking things through. Maybe not being able to communicate properly or it not being a good time to communicate with people.

The third week has the Ace of water in the water position—lots of emotion. The obsessiveness of looking for something that isn’t available occurs to me. Too much emotion, perhaps searching for depth or a cure for loneliness in the wrong place or by buying things. Yet, this is a water card in a water position so it seems things are as they should be, although I get a feeling of drowning or being too saturated, spongy.

The grounded foot position is an Earth card. It seems auspicious to me to have the first, third, and last cards in their relevant ruling suit positions. Very definitely I understand what The Ruin is saying. It is not time yet, and even in four weeks the memories will still haunt us, so we need to hibernate further before considering another pet.

There is a lot of red in this spread, lots of fire, no air and reasoning at all, a double whammy of water, and the only groundedness is that of grief and ruin, the lost past. Gawain reminds me that I am all over the place and probably not thinking clearly—out of my element.

I am not exactly sure I am using the elements and the ruling suit positions correctly but this is what it felt like to me. This isn’t a bad reading, it really clarified for me how this is not the right time for another dog. It’s good to know that.




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