Dogged By Geomancy

Daily Draw April 30th, 2012

This is a continuation of yesterday’s draw. I did it in two parts mainly because it takes me longer while learning to work out the two aspects. I quite like the geomantic figures and how they augment readings. I have made a template up so that in the future I can make one of these charts faster.


I triple checked my figures and addition because I couldn’t believe I got the same geomantic figure for the 1st and 2nd Witness. I did. Ana doesn’t mention in the book if this has some significance but I figure the double whammy means I should pay attention.

The Tail of the Dragon is ruled by the south node of the moon which is about endings.  And here I have a double ending which is about my dog and the neighbour’s dog who died on the same day. Double ending, double grief and complications. It’s interesting that these cards came up with that as it was unusual to have that happen and it is part of what we are working through.

The other thing is the outcome, Populus, which is about community, but look how symmetrical it is. Two, like it is reflecting the other cards in duality of endings from head to toe. I don’t see this as either negative or positive, it’s like a neutral statement of fact. Two things occur to me with community: my own remaining community of pets and how getting closer to them is helpful. I also wonder if at some point, the community of dog lovers will find a new dog for me, perhaps after this month of continued emotion and unbalance?

I very much like doing these 4-card readings as a monthly overview so I am planning to continue that.



4 thoughts on “Dogged By Geomancy

  1. I loved this post, JJ.

    When I first picked up this book, I thought the Geomancy would go straight over my head (or simply not interest me), but I find it fascinating and a really thought provoking addition to the readings. The nice thing is that you do not have to use it on every one, but when you do, it just gives that little extra layer to think about. I used it in a reading last week. The cards had already spelt a few things out to me intuitively, which I thought might be wishful thinking, but then the geomancy just hit me right between the eyes with exactly the same ideas. Was very specific and something to watch out for.

    These readings really dig about in the dirt, don’t they! I like your little templates. They make it easy to follow. I might have to follow your lead and have a go at the same thing today on the blog.

    • I love the geomancy. When looking up the Tail of the Dragon figure online, one article said that when readers got this figure they stopped the reading they felt it was so bad–and I have 2 of them!

      I haven’t been brave enough to try The Lost Man Spread but I like the sense of overview it gives–saw you do that to good effect today.

      I like the looseness of the system, and I also like that Ana says not to do readings for yourself too often. I have seen so many people ask for readings on the same issue over and over because they didn’t like the answer–she calls it “badgering the cards”–loved that.

  2. You know, that is one of the things I have found interesting. Aside from my daily draws, which are more about just learning the cards, I feel more inclined to to read on other situations than my own. There is something interesting in being removed from where the characters play in the cards. You can see them that bit clearer I find. I think I’d find it quite fun to learn to read these cards with other people present; there seems more movement and depth than when I read learger spreads for others in tarot. I feel as though I am not just parrotting out the same old stuff from RWS how-to books.

    Haha to the two tails of dragons; that’s me and you all over!

    In terms of the Lost Man spread, I found it really open to helping me out, if that makes sense. The cards kind of lead, which I have never experienced before. If it seems intimidating, you could narrow and widen the lens when you wish, I guess. Firstly just tackle the two immediate influences on either side of the ‘lost man’ and get used to that before moving out to more around him. As I said in my reading, I didn’t reach into every single one as I didn’t really need to.

  3. Well, I don’t have anyone else to read for, so I shall have to content myself with doing personal readings and daily draws.

    I am not…still feel intimidated by the Lost Man. I tend to feel overwhelmed by a huge number of cards, but I’ll putter away and eventually get to it.

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