Incentive for Those Completing Their Lettering Project

Daily Draw April 28th, 2012

No time for a card draw as I want to continue my titling of the jumbo playing cards with the Playing Card Oracles titles.  It’s not going too badly, I managed to clear a spot and move my Ott light there so I can actually see what I’m doing.

It’s very low tech. I mark the guidelines with a good see-through ruler and an HB pencil. A harder pencil impresses too much but HB seemed to work and I can erase it well after with my Staedtler Mars eraser. I put the card under the print-out while I’m lettering so I can get close to approximating spacing, and away I go. I leave the ink to dry for an hour before erasing the pencil lines. Call me crazy, but I’ve ruined a few things before by not waiting an adequate time for ink to dry.

I have just finished the Diamonds suit. Someone with my perfectionistic tendencies is never going to relax completely but I have been having fun, even with the odd wonky line. It struck me that this is also an excellent way to remember the strange titles.

King Leo says “Everybody work hard and Cook will bring out the blackbird and doves-tongue pie.”

What an incentive!


Later today….

Click to enlarge.




4 thoughts on “Incentive for Those Completing Their Lettering Project

  1. I think these are wonderful. The font really suits the playing cards. Makes them look very elegant.

    I just showed the pictures to Daddy Le Normand and he thinks they look great. He says he prefers your font to the one he used and would have been happy to have ended up with the result you have. He says you have done a great job.

    And I also agree about the learning of the titles as you’re doing it. It does help. I was passing cards to my dad and got a feel of them as they were being done.

  2. Excellent!!

    Lettering is not my strong suit. I am definitely more of a painterly person. I love photo editing (not sure if I’m ‘great’ at it, but I love it) but I have never been really into hand lettering things, but sometimes I think I want to give it a try.

    I enjoy the style of this–hope you did, too.


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