The Imperative of the Sword of Healing

Daily Draw April 27th, 2012

I love hanging around creative people because we all set each other off. This week’s imperative is to put titles from Ana Cortez’s Playing Card Oracles onto a cheap set of jumbo playing cards, so we can use them to relearn the system.

Prince Le Normand got his father to use his skill to hand draw titles on his cards. They really are exquisite. As someone who did actually enroll to get a certificate in drafting, I can appreciate the patience needed to draft and design as Daddy Le Normand did for many years, since I learned I didn’t have that sort of patience. The instructor kept bugging me about how I printed my capital “A” and I got fed up and quit. But for that I might be able to invoke Ohm’s Law and draw electrical circuits.

So here is my el-cheapo set of cards, complete with smudges from the factory and brown spots on the paper. There is a windmill on the Ace of Spades which I like since it reminds me of Delftware.

My dilemma when choosing a font (not having the skill to letter on my own) is to have a decorative look that is not too hard to draw. I can see wonky lines in my future since I am not a machine. I bought these two computer fonts years ago and am leaning toward the Rennie Mackintosh all caps since it is the plainest and easiest to read and draw, while still retaining interesting letters with no ascenders and descenders. I would type the titles at a certain point size on the computer and then trace it off.

The deck cost $3 so I needn’t be so precious about it, but that’s my pattern, forever trying to loosen up.

I experimented to see if I could see a printed sheet through the cards with my lightbox, and I can’t, so I would have to use my art transfer paper. It’s going to be wonky, no question it will have the odd line out, but that might lend some spookiness to the cards. I need to buy a Sharpie fine point marker as it sticks to anything. Well, it stuck to acetate when I made a grid sheet for drawing so I expect it will stick to laminate.

The trick to things like this and trimming cards too, is that you have to do so much per day and then leave it when you start to get tired and sloppy.


Later that same day…..

After doing a proof sheet and trying tracing paper that smudged, pencil impressions and plain old eye-balling, I decided to follow Daddy Le Normand into the realm of pencil guides and good steady hand/eye coordination. I finally found a 2mm marker that would work, the others chewed the cardstock up a bit.

Here is the Jolly Joker proof I did to cement that method in my mind. And remember kids, God wants you to embrace wonky linework. This divine message was discovered written on a wall in Scotland in 1920 beside a stylized rose motif, just so you know.



2 thoughts on “The Imperative of the Sword of Healing

    • Yes, he did a fantastic job. I want Daddy Le Normand to come on a world tour and visit the colonies, spreading his magic. “Gifted” is that family.

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