The Jade Glade

Daily Draw April 26th, 2012


Action Jackson, that’s my name.

No procrastination today, and a feeling of harmony, balance and self-sufficiency. All my poetry books are upstairs, so to go with this I grabbed La Fontaine Selected Fables translated by James Michie and randomly opened at Fable XVI, The Horse and the Donkey.

In this world we must help each other. Why?
Because if your neighbour happens to die
It’s on you that the burden will fall.

A horse and donkey were travelling together, and the donk had all the packs strapped to him and was staggering under the weight, but the horse was just wearing his harness. Donkey begged him to help and said it was only fair and half the burden wouldn’t be too much for the horse. Horse refused and the poor donk eventually dropped dead, leaving the horse to carry not only the double load but the dead donkey carcass as well.

Spell check does not know what “donk” means!

And that’s today in The Jade Glade.



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