Announcing Cycles of Optimism

Daily Draw April 24th, 2012

I spent a good part of the day yesterday dealing with a program conflict in Windows, so that might have been the “situation” the cards referred to in my last draw. Eventually I had to lie down for a 30-minute nap to get back some equilibrium. Computer issues are so much more complicated than they used to be.

31 – SUN

The Sun is good for positive energy and optimism, so here’s hoping today is better. The Bell doesn’t say what kind of announcement I might get but I will assume it’s good because of the Sun card.

Short and sweet, and the engraving of the movements of the Sun reminds me that things always change and move in cycles.


2 thoughts on “Announcing Cycles of Optimism

  1. I, for one, love the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards which talk about receiving messages. I like that in the regular tarot, too. I like the ‘Bell’ card and the ‘Bird-flying’ card. It usually indicates something happening imminently–like without a day or two.

    This duo does feel very positive. Hope it is true.

    Lotsa hugs,

    • I don’t have as much experience with them as you, but so far today I haven’t received an announcement. However, I do feel that announcing a positive day to my Self was important. I don’t know, I’m just happy to get a nice piece of art to look at.

      I see you got the Ear today. One of those cards. 😉

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