Caterpillar Change in the Garden

Daily Draw April 20th, 2012

I always enjoy looking at Hannah’s draws with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, and I decided they would pair up nicely with Lenormand decks so I’m using them for that here and there.

CATERPILLAR – Things will not always be this way. A change is coming.

The Garden card is my favourite in The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle. I’ve got this thing about chairs, single chairs enticing one to sit and meditate on the day, enjoying the surroundings. Neighbours of mine in my childhood had fancy wrought iron chairs like this on their patio and I considered them magical, well above the mundane world of our nylon-webbed fold-out chairs.

The Garden is about people gathering or encountering each other, with the idea that there is an environment that you want to be part of.  And the Caterpillar is eating green things in the garden, preparing for the time it will turn into a butterfly. Once changed, there is no going back.

So, a great change coming, hopefully one with an environment I like and maybe some people I like too. I don’t see this really today, but hope for the future at least.

Plus a darn good looking chair.



4 thoughts on “Caterpillar Change in the Garden

  1. This is an awesome duo!

    I should absolutely post the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards with some other deck. I can’t decide which one. I’ll have to think about it.

    This is a beautiful, uplifting and summery pair. I like it. I hope it’s true for you. I could also stand some positive change with new inspirations, new people and such.


    • I think the Tea Leaf cards would go well with another watercolour-y deck. I’m also going to try it with i Misteri della Sibilla which has beautiful watercolours.

      I get you about positive change. Here’s hoping.

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