The Baby Drops Anchor

Daily Draw April 19th, 2012

I am pairing The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle with one of my favourites, i Misteri della Sibilla by Dal Negro.

CANDORE (innocence, purity)
ESITAZIONE (hesitancy, wavering)
ERIDITÀ (inheritance, legacy, heritage)


The Bambino is scarfing a bunch of fruit, no doubt to counteract its edema. Make sure you drink a lot of water too baby, to flush out the bad toxins in the body. Certainly emotional eating is an inheritance for me, but I am wavering on it since it is also killing me. Better to think of the body as a temple of purity.

The anchor is about stability and hope today; I was finally able to drop anchor and stop the behaviour. My beams are creaking in the storm though. The Anchor always reminds me of my Uncle, who died three years ago, and I came across a Thank You note from my Aunt this week with a newspaper clipping of his obituary, so he was in my mind. He was a steadying influence, his legacy one of protection and concern. He would want me to smarten up and get things shipshape.

Just out of curiosity I looked up the Personal Prophesy meaning for the 7 of Diamonds, which is about scandal and gossip and people talking behind your back. It’s a reminder that you learn from episodes like this not to share your business with others. And that reminds me of my brother, whom I was thinking about yesterday. We have been estranged for years because of his misinterpretation of personal information about me and malicious gossip he spread. I was thinking yesterday that it is a relief not to deal with him any more. When I look at the baby on this card it reminds me of being an innocent baby sister and having his garbage dumped on me.

I’d rather eat fruit!




2 thoughts on “The Baby Drops Anchor

  1. What a multi-faceted reading. Sorry to hear about your crappy relationship with your brother, but you’re right…if it’s poisonous then I guess it’s better that he’s out of your life.

    That baby is definitely eating too much fruit. Reminds me of my daughter’s obsessive love for it. I have to limit her…

    Hope you have a good day. I need to read with Lenormand cards more. Somehow I haven’t gotten into it much.

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