The Solidity of Towers

Daily Draw April 18th, 2012

First, a little treat for my compatriots in home decorating. Yes, it’s the magic chair, displaying its fondness for the red Jacobean fabric I am making a pillow of. I desperately want to use a striped fabric for piping but I need to buy some cording. The rest of my room is a wreck but I made a start at least.

19 – TOWER

A card comparison today with the Tower card from The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle. Remember kids, every card deck needs a friend, and Lenormand decks are so gregarious they need many, many Lenormand friends.

Unlike the lightning destruction of the tarot Tower card, this one is going to stand for years. Solid and upright and somewhat isolated and detached, It is this detachment that I suggested when I placed a gatehouse in front of the tower engraving on the card in The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle. I wanted a sense of separation, an extra barrier.

The LWB for the middle card from the Lo Scarabeo Lenormand Oracle Cards mentions detached analysis and rejection of prejudices, so that ties in nicely with not feeling bad if you like to withdraw.

Those of us who are introverts often agonize over our attitude toward socialization, but I am quite happy puttering by myself, popping out now and then for a chat about books. I finally reconciled myself to upholding my own dignity and respect. I am this way, like the solid tower, withdrawn but steady, catching the wind, flying my flag.

4 thoughts on “The Solidity of Towers

  1. That looks really nice. Especially with the lamp–a lovely corner. Will it be a squishy pillow? (I’m a fan of squishy pillows.) 🙂

    • Moderately squishy–I need back support so it needs to be full but firm. I am making my own pillow form for insert as I can’t find affordable 18″ forms so far.

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