Bark, Roll in the Clover, and Bring Me a Lily, Fido

Daily Draw April 17th, 2012

I am using the The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle for a few days. Someone was asking about this and it is not available for sale because I made it myself from clip art. I like to encourage people to make their own Lenormand deck because in comparison to a tarot deck, it only has 36 cards, so I feel that most people can complete this task and make it meaningful. Then you have the fun of using them and tuning in to your own Self.


You would not believe how long it took me to design the dog card. I had to excise a dog from the house, recolour and reshape it, and then do a perspective shadow on the dog and recolour his water dish and paint the sky and modify a tree and find a suitable sparrow to sit on his house and be a friend. It took hours but it means something to me.

The dog is about lasting friendship and faithfulness, the reliability of such things, the way someone is always waiting for us. This could be literal for me as well since my dog recently died and I am still having a time getting through it. I put the sparrow in there so the dog could have a friend too. Like a mirrored hall of infinite reflection, dogs have much to teach us about friendship.

That clover smells sweet is an understatement. I have white clover in my lawn and every year I walk outside and think “What IS that beautiful scent” and it’s the tiny little clover flowers in the lawn. Clover is for hope and good luck and success. I have had a terrible week of chronic pain and edema, and this too could be pointing to a new dog out there, ready to bloom for me.

The lovely Lily is one of my favourites. I wore a corsage of lilies when I got married and my husband rescues lilies from the grocery store after Easter, so that instead of being discarded they get planted in our garden. Support and protection, purity and peace are all wrapped up in lilies.

This looks like a very good day and I could use one after yesterday which was simply awful due to my moodiness and physical pain. None of that nonsense today as I have hope and support and faithful friendship.



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