A Morning Scone While Looking Over the Lawn

Daily Draw April 15th, 2012

Designed by English decorators JG Crace
Morning Room, Arlington Court, Devon

Ah the Morning Room, where one wore one’s silk wrapper and ribbons to take morning coffee and scones while going over the day’s menu with Cook.

It is that kind of day where I think about decorating, because I picked up the chair my sister bought me yesterday and made a start on cleaning my room. At some point in the summer the walls, ceiling, and furniture will be painted, but I threw out mouldering bits of paper and useless detritus yesterday, wondering why I didn’t take care of myself and my house over so many years.

A fresh start in the Morning Room seems just the thing!

Arlington Court was built by Colonel John Palmer Chichester (1769-1823), and designed by a local architect Thomas Lee. The family collected all sorts of things like shells and model ships and the house currently showcases their antique furniture and a carriage museum in the stables with over 50 horse-drawn carriages from the National Trust. The estate has hundreds of acres of land with a large ornamental garden and a working kitchen garden that provides fruit and vegetables for the tea room and flowers for the house. They even have a bat-cam and an old heronry on the estate.

And John Gregory Crace (1809-1889) was a famous interior designer who did wallpapers, decorative schemes, and fabrics. He liked French design and this particular wallpaper looks very French. He was the great-grandson of Edward Crace who had done decorating successfully in the 18th century, and John initially assisted his father Frederick, also a decorator, who worked on Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

In collaboration with others, John Crace worked on the decoration of the Houses of Parliament and two Great Exhibitions in 1851 and 1862, as well as another stint at Windsor Castle. He was very chi-chi with the elite of the time and his own son followed him in the business.

Here is a picture of the Morning Room from the National Trust where you can see this gorgeous wallpaper. It is a very cheerful and warm looking room with fresh flowers from the garden on the tables.



4 thoughts on “A Morning Scone While Looking Over the Lawn

  1. Ha! The Chair Has Landed!
    I love the golden glow of the Morning Room, although yellow changes under every light and can be quite unflattering if it picks up too much green from outside. My brother painted his place a color that looks like yellow cake batter and it’s beautiful.
    A few months ago I painted a long & winding wall in the bedroom (it’s a complicated architecture) a dark taupe. I just love it. The room is very bright, it was like sleeping in a tupperware tub and my eyes popped open at first light which here is just too damn early. The taupe is versatile–it goes with the colors of what I have already or am likely to get. I took down the blinds and replaced them with navy blue curtains from another room (hours of fiddling with the curtain rods, ugh).
    I’m staring at some thrift store furniture and thinking “cream high-gloss.” Hm.

    • Yes, I call that light yellow colour egg nog–we have used that twice in rooms long ago.

      My living and dining room is painted taupe–LOVE it, it goes with everything and looks good in all light but gives you a bit of contrast so that pictures on the wall pop.

      At some point I will take the wrapping off the chair and get a picture. I need to frame a picture for the little table I bought and make a pillow.

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