Skeletal Holds of Permanence

Daily Draw April 14th, 2012


This postcard was sent to me in September 2008. A former friend of mine sent this while stomping ancestral ground. It is odd to reflect that less than two years later her husband was dead after a second heart attack. She didn’t tell us for a month because she didn’t want us at his funeral, even though our husbands came to Canada together and she and her husband were the witnesses at our wedding, their signatures still buttressed on my marriage certificate.

How nice, however Whitby Abbey stands as a lovely postcard, one of my very favourites.

When I looked at this today, apart from the impermanence of friendship, I thought of the permanence of the skeleton. All those buttresses and columns in the body, stronger than they might appear, underlying what seemingly crumbles, standing tall against the blue sky.

A good positive thought for health, both mental and physical.


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