Small Stuff and Skating

Daily Draw April 10th, 2012

After discovering that my Epson printer will only print photos and card with proprietary papers last night, I felt defeated. Blah. However, I don’t print specialty things that often so I could probably use a matte presentation paper for everything. Maybe. The trick is finding smaller packages in the stores. I might have to order online.

Today’s card is from my postcard set New York in Words and Images, one of my favourites.

As many as twenty thousand people skated at the lake on a frosty winter night, The brightly lit spectacle, the snow-banked hills, the trees sheathed in ice reminded travelers of resorts in Switzerland or the cities of Scandinavia.

[Lloyd Morris, Incredible N. Y.]

I think this is pointing to taking things easy. In a “Don’t sweat the small stuff” attitude I can skate freely, enjoying the air and lights without worrying about specialty papers.

It’s all small stuff, right?

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