I Got the Chair

Daily Draw April 7th, 2012

The chair was 50% off with free tax because the store had a sale and a free tax day. We had to drive for 90 kms and we have to go back next week as they didn’t have it on site, but we got it. I also got a floor lamp for $47 on clearance and a lovely table to use for my bedside brass lamp.

Guess what? I have never owned a floor lamp in my life, and it is rendering great excitement in my soul.

This photo does not do justice to the colour of the wood on the chair or the chenille upholstery fabric. My red Jacobean fabric has some blue in it that just picks up this colour, so the pillow and quilt I make will look good with this. I am quite happy with it as I’ve been searching for something affordable for weeks, and now I don’t have to worry about spending the money my sister gave me on the wrong thing. It’s going to be feminine and lovely but not overdone; I like fairly simple furniture.

Now I just have to paint my bedroom furniture, paint the walls, discard a pile of stuff and paint the interior of my cupboard to freshen it up too.

But that chair, that chair might see me soaring into the realm of putti, painting ceilings and buying a chandelier.

We need a card for this…

15 – AMBER – Awaken Your Creativity

Warmth, optimism, and fun, uninhibited creativity. Amazing, fun experiences, and a chandelier.

Who said that, who said “chandelier”? Those putti on the ceiling, that’s who. The rollicking buggers can’t hold a paintbrush, but they readily spend money in lighting shops.




2 thoughts on “I Got the Chair

  1. That is really lovely! I looked at a couple in the Pier One here and they weren’t nearly so nice. A solid floor lamp is great, very versatile (I have two flimsy floor lamps LOL). And half off and free tax, good grief. Happy easter 🙂

    • Thanks Debra. I was searching for weeks, putting in inquiries on the Internet, my husband phoned a couple of places and they all wanted $1200 for an upholstered chair. Unbelievable.

      So then I switched to a lighter sort of armchair with some upholstery and looked around again and they were all $700 or more. This 50% off sale came up at The Bombay Company and I saved $65 tax.

      It’s so feminine and elegant, I am over the moon.

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