Sipping Azure

Daily Draw April 6th, 2012

I used to think during my religious teenage years, that the sky would grow dark at 3 p.m. on Good Friday. I actually used to watch the clock.

I was taking photos of my bookshelves down here today after an early rise at 4 a.m. A friend wanted to have a look and I felt pretty good when contemplating the selection of reference books I have. Within five single bookcases and a triple bookcase I have mostly reference books. I rarely buy fictional books unless they are graphic novels or poetry, I usually borrow fiction from the library. There are two shelves of art and beading magazines, and two shelves of clip art too.

My book friends. Ain’t life grand?

36 – AZURE – Protect Yourself

Bar that dense energy from your life, get it out of your space!

Sipping Azure and jasmine tea, I contemplate this.


And the Prince needs a visual (see Comments) so he shall have one.




4 thoughts on “Sipping Azure

    • I have a couple of decks with things printed on the backs. I don’t mind if the artwork is good. For instance, all my favourite decks from Chronicle Books like The Relax Deck and The Perfect Calm Deck and the beautiful Nature’s Pharmacy Deck with botanical illustrations all have words on the back but they are worth it!!

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