Auburn Isn’t Just for Hair Any More

Daily Draw April 4th, 2012

11 – AUBURN – Ground Yourself

“Regeneration, increased concentration, and a higher level of patience, stability, and practicality are all among Auburn’s gifts.”

I can hardly concentrate at all this week.

Trees. Ground.
Just so.




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Eccentric erminois dweller.
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4 Responses to Auburn Isn’t Just for Hair Any More

  1. What a beautiful card. The bf and I are getting out to take photos this weekend (I hope), and trees are on the list.

    I think I saw this set in a shop relatively cheaply not so long ago but didn’t take the bite for some reason. It’s very attractive. I loved that ‘Black’ card from a few days ago. What a handsome deck.

    • woley says:

      I am REALLY pleased with it. I usually don’t get too excited about photographic decks but this is like a colour wheel with photographic accents.

  2. It is gorgeous. 🙂

    I need grounding, too. I feel so cranky and out of it. Doesn’t help my period’s late, likely from all this chaos!

    Hugs to you,

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