Twisted Cherry Blossoms

Daily Draw April 1st, 2012

After years of needing one, I finally bought a small laminator yesterday with some money my Dad sent me. This of course meant that I could laminate a bookmark I drew several weeks ago. I was experimenting with the Zentangle phenomenon, which is interesting although I haven’t grokked what the obsession is. For backgrounds in art I like the idea, and the patterns have a symmetrical geometry that appeals to me.

This measures about 2.3 x 8.5 inches and is done on Canson Mi-Teintes paper with a black Micron pen and Prismacolor coloured pencils. In reality, the fuchsia and lavender colours are much more vivid than this.

We have a sprinkling of snow today so I suggested cherry blossoms with a pattern overlay on the tree beneath the bookmark. And to go with this I randomly picked a snippet of poetry from Braided Creek by Ted Kooser and Jim Harrison.

Twisted my ankle
until it’s blue.
Now I can feel my heart
beating in my foot.




2 thoughts on “Twisted Cherry Blossoms

    • That’s what all the artists I told about this said!

      The main difference that I could see was that they had regularized the doodles somewhat and have given them names, which obviously appeals to many people.

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