Sapphire Focuses with Alacrity and Busts Loose a Garden of Orchids

Daily Draw March 31st, 2012

Today I am going to get a paper cutter and some paper and illustration board. I am making a book from a piece of weaving and doing some cross stitch on the cover. It will have a single signature of art paper with about 15 folios—I’ll see if I’m mixing paper and how thick the thing is after pressing it before firming up the number of pages. The book I bought for the cross stitch is OOP so I might be waiting weeks for it. I can wait, I’m good at waiting.

In this book I plan to do dog sketches and bits about my dead dog and poetry. That’s life: you pick your projects and you take action on what interests you. Besides, I get to use orchid-coloured paper. That’s gotta be worth it. I’m binding the book around a stick from the garden. Get it? The dog liked to fetch sticks so I’m using a stick to bind her memory book.

Now, we all know from the two-year project of reviewing the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot that I do not have a great track record with regard to alacrity in composition and execution of artwork. I’m trying to focus here and thought this might be the theme to bust that dam open, flooding the Earth with Judith art.

Alacrity, what a concept. Loosen up Jude, see what the world holds for those who complete projects in a timely manner. What if I make a mistake? What if?

38 – SAPPHIRE – Regenerate Your Body

I’m trying.

Hey, Sapphire clears blocked pathways and clears your mind and creates order. Apparently Sapphire is rather fond of orchid-coloured paper too. I have an intuitive knowledge of this, due to my intense closeness to…um…something or other metaphysical.

Well-being is the focus here, and if some orchid-coloured paper references slip into the ether, so much the better.




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