So Long Abby Pi

Daily Draw March 23rd, 2012

I am not quite up to a regular draw but here is Abby in better days, circa 2003. This is my favourite picture of her. She was a rescue dog and had a fantastic life here after a poor start in life.

And this is her grave, situated at the edge of the woods amid an aspen grove near a pond, and about four feet from her beloved blackberry and gooseberry bushes.

When she died we wrapped her in an old tablecloth, a beautiful fuchsia and blue plaid winding sheet. In death, all the fatigue and pain and worry left her face and she looked like a young dog again.




11 thoughts on “So Long Abby Pi

  1. Oh, I don’t know what to say. Such a beautiful photo of her. And also, a beautiful resting place for her in peace.

    It is terribly sad that she is no longer with us physically, but I think of the wonderful oportunity and life you gave her. I like to think of her now, no longer in pain, sniffing around those trees and laying back in the sunshine with her head up and taking in the warmth and relaxation.

  2. She is truly a pretty dog. She looks so regal and peaceful in that photo!

    I have no doubt that you loved and cared for her, and that she knew it. As Prince says, Abby is someplace without pain now. Where she no doubt wonders why you are making such a fuss about her! 🙂

    Here is a poem that you may have seen before:

    Hang in there!

    • Thanks Jase. It’s true you know, and Labs in particular are very happy-go-lucky and shrug things off easily. She probably IS wondering what the heck the fuss is about.

      I loved that!

  3. Bless you both for taking her in and giving her a good life, and bless her for what she brought to you.

    I believe in the Rainbow Bridge. It is a lovely way to visualize moving from individuality to unity.

    • She was special, maybe because she was our first rescue and taught us so much about dog behaviour and how long it actually takes a dog like that to relax and trust in her new life.

  4. She is running with Orion now. In my “tribe” we have always said that dogs go to join Orion’s pack until they are reunited with their people, and that is why they must be buried in a wild place, so their spirits have room to run.

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your companion. As time goes on you will continue to discover and appreciate the gifts that she gave you while she was here. That never ends.

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