Blue Days of Understanding

Daily Draw March 25th, 2012

I drew this card and then put it back because I’ve already used it on the blog. Then I thought I should see what the meaning of the flower is and go with it today because that is what I drew after all. No cheating Judith, this is what you got.

Kate T. Williamson; 2008
Watercolour and ink
A Year in Japan: 30 Postcards


There are several meanings for hydrangea but this one is blue, so blue is for comfort and serenity and calm. The hydrangea itself, because it’s a showy flower, can mean pride, or to some it means understanding and devotion. Several online sites mention that it can be used to express gratitude for being understood.

Of course this reminds me of my dog, who will have to go to the vet tomorrow to be euthanized because she is failing fast. The woman who made the rescue trip for her and picked her up in the States, is coming for a visit today to say “Goodbye.”

My house is a bit messy but I have time to tidy and clean lightly despite leg problems, but I still feel rather embarrassed—perhaps this is where pride comes into it. Also, when I see this woman I am going to start crying, I’ve been weepy all day, so I’m embarrassed about that too. It’s only pride, a fleeting emotion.

And I shall most certainly feel gratitude for this lady’s understanding as my dog feels gratitude that I am devoted to her and understanding how sick she is. Palliative care can only do so much; I know the dog is grateful that I understand. I stayed with her last night in the living room for comfort and played some soft jazz for her and gave her lots of pats.

We’ll do that again today and have a nice visit with her old friend that rescued her.



10 thoughts on “Blue Days of Understanding

  1. Daz and I are sitting here with sad faces after reading this draw, but we take comfort that she was rescued and the two of you found each other. He got a little upset about little Lenny the other day, who was also sent to sleep, so he understands. Just want you to know that our thoughts are with you.

  2. Aww…what a sad post.

    But very appropriate…and you’re such a good dog owner to give such comfort. I’m so sorry about all the stress and weepiness. I guess there’s no other way to deal with things like that but it doesn’t make it any easier.

    Much Love,

  3. My heart goes out to you Judy. I’m glad you’ll have company today.

    It’s impossible really isn’t it. Just keep wiggling, that’s what my yoga teacher says.

    • No not overseas–she came from West Virginia. A rescue group got her out of a shelter there. I saw her picture on an online group and felt she was the one for me. Then some transport people got her up to Ohio and my friend from here in Ontario did a rescue run down there to get her. I don’t drive and my husband was over in the UK.

      Quite a journey for sure!

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