The Uprising of the Harrowing Teamster

Daily Draw March 24th, 2012

Today I am drawing from the Harrow Divination Deck & Card Game. This can be used as an RPG (role-playing game) but it has a neat 9-card layout called a “harrowing” that you use in a divinatory way with lots of inter-relatedness and categories and positional interpretations. I find anything more than five cards too much so not up to that, however when I was shuffling, two cards popped out together.

THE TEAMSTER – Constitution, health, home, pain
THE UPRISING – Strength, war, battle, honour

The Teamster represents a driving force, physical or mental, that keeps me going and cannot be ignored for good or ill. The half-orc in the picture leads a life of constant toil, but for his own betterment.

I was reading yet another book on mindfulness meditation and chronic pain. A regular practice has been shown to help. It’s often strange how people can get so sick and yet still the life force continues. This is apparent with my sick dog too; the driving force of life within us keeps going constantly, and on and on we go.

The Uprising indicates that I have been caught by something that crushes on contact and is more powerful and overwhelming than I. It also suggests the overthrow of some sort of leader because of the crown being raised (or stolen I expect.)

My mind of course has had me in a grip of chronic pain for some years. I am crushed by it, but meditation I am told can crush it back! It has overwhelmed me, but it is NOT me. I can overthrow it, rid myself of its leadership.


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