Twitch, Swish, and Twitch

Daily Draw March 22nd, 2012

Just a quickie for the morning.


This is often a card of conflict as you can see. The only conflict is the one in our minds about how long to keep our dog alive. She is still eating and drinking and can get about if you support the muscles on her back legs but it’s tough for her and she is in pain, lying prone most of the time, feeling isolated and unwell. We have decided that we’ll keep her until Monday (this is Thursday) and then reconsider. If you keep them too long and they go down too far the veterinarian has to puncture the heart instead of using a vein and that is very painful for the animal and to be avoided.

I love the cat in this card, like the looming thoughts in my mind, threatening. Cats always twitch their tails when they are ready to pounce and you can see his tail is up and twitching. Intense concentration there, like Death waiting for the right moment.




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