Raven Light, Sheerie Light

Daily Draw March 20th, 2012

I had to take a break although I drew a postcard at home yesterday which was another Susan Seddon Boulet print called Raven’s Love of Light done in oil pastel, ink and pencil.

This reminded me of holding the light of my dying dog close to me.

And here she is sunning herself in the garden two days ago; an old and wise soul.

Yesterday I had the surprise of my life when a package came in the mail for me from my friend Steve. You picked the right day Stever, I needed a pick-me-up.

He sent me a delightful I Ching deck and the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies deck. I love my folklore and mythology so I was delighted at all the characters and atmosphere in this deck. I spent some time putting the cards in order and then going through the booklet, and today I spent some time separating the cards into piles and shuffling them out of order before my draw.


This is a deceptive Sheerie using false stars to lure people to their doom! Mwuahahaha. So I got out my books on Celtic mythology and another book on fairies to have a rummage. Not surprisingly, I can’t find any entries. Aha, on the Internet they refer to it as a Water Sheerie which is in one of my books and is apparently the Irish term for a Will o’ the Wisp, the light that shines over marshes, often attributed to bog fairies, and the English term for this is Jack o’ Lantern, from which the Halloween pumpkin is named. Sometimes the lights are helpful but more often malicious. I think Tolkien drew on this legend when describing marshes in The Return of the King. Frodo doesn’t listen to avoid the lights, tsk, tsk.

Wikipedia has a huge page of folklore regarding this phenomenon.

So today, he is beckoning into the dark paths of depressive reflection, but I must resist. While tempting to slog through the gloom chasing after lights of the past, I must get on.


2 thoughts on “Raven Light, Sheerie Light

  1. I just knew you’d love those celtic faeries. The colours of The Star look great.Your blog brings them to life.

    And what a beautiful picture of Abby. That photo would make such a beautiful source for some art. I can see a bright, moving, swirly, Van Gogh-like, greeny, bluey pastel picture of her. She’s such a beautiful animal.

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