Wolf of the Spirit

Daily Draw March 16th, 2012


I wondered if I’d get one of the wolves in this deck today, as I am asking about my dog Abby who is going downhill and off to the vet tomorrow. I am pretty sure she has lymphoma but so far she is still eating and drinking.

The author equates this white wolf to the white horse on The Chariot. Valour and goodness are referred to and the idea that the white horse is of the spirit rather than the more mundane, earthly black horse. The reverse of this card is about indecision, anxiety and doubt, which is exactly where I am. There is a balance between knowing when an animal is ready to die and carrying on for a bit longer.

The penetrating eyes of the wolf tell me that I might have to let go regardless of how desperately I want to keep her. Age and death are part of the world too. The world of spirit beckons.



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