That’s Amoretti

Daily Draw March 15th, 2012

We are having thunderstorms and rain today—Spring has arrived.

Oh, let’s do Dali!!

Venus with Amoretti/Venus und Amoretten, 1925, oil on canvas
23 x 26 cm

First off, I need to decode amoretti, which is the plural of amoretto and a diminutive for amore and comes from the Latin amor, meaning love. It’s a generic term for a cupid, part of Venus’s entourage but not Cupid (Amor) himself. Sometimes they are called amorini and several accounts say Cupid is Venus’s son. In Greek mythology there is the corresponding Eros and his Erotes, a group of gods or demi-gods associated with Aphrodite.

In art at least they often have different personalities and some depict homoerotic love which Dali suggests in the two figures to the left of Venus. Those cliffs in the background remind me of some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work with a smidge of William Blake in the colouring of this painting. I love orange and blue complementary colour in art.

One amoretto is babbling away to Venus about the shell he found and she seems quite attentive to his excitement of discovery. Perhaps he is Cupid himself and that’s why she is so patient with him? I am taking this as a day of relaxation and discovery amid the sounds of sea and the warmth of sun. No thunderstorm dares to intrude on Venus.



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