Hopping with the Mental Rat

Daily Draw March 14th, 2012

I am doing very well and have lost seven pounds, but last night the right leg decided to have muscle spasms and it’s been torqueing for hours. So, no surprise, I am up at 2 a.m. and it is now 3:45 a.m. Now, you know what to do at this time of the morning, right? That’s right, stumble around walking into chairs in the dark to get to the room with the card decks.


The Aeon card in the Thoth deck is one of my favourites so I am bound to like it here. In other decks, this is the Judgement card. She painted all kinds of symbolism in this but I latched onto her words about the figures representing Anger and Fear. Fear in particular is with me today as I battle my leg problems and try to get an appointment for my dog at the vet. The mental focus of the seated figure in the middle will discipline his energy.

I also like her idea of having the courage to put your head into the panther’s mouth, which might not be as fierce as you imagine.

That’s the aspect of this card for today: the realization that fear is just something in the mind like the mental rat in the picture hopping about, needing to be caged and calmed down.


2 thoughts on “Hopping with the Mental Rat

  1. Heh. Congrats on losing seven. Just a bit more than I’ve gained, my self-discipline has gone to the dogs.

    I am always surprised to realize how fearful I am–I’m a brassy broad, but damn that deep-seated insecurity.

    • After I hurt my knees and then my ankle I gained a lot so am glad to be back on track.

      Fear is at the base of most of our negative emotions–I was amazed to realize that.

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