The Bratwurst Boys

This is a bonus draw for today because my imagination got hold of me.

I felt the need for a little card pick-me-up, and the big collection of postcards of New Yorker covers that I am waiting for won’t be out until May, so I bought a cheaper $10 deck of Harrow role-playing cards. These cards have always intrigued me because they are character driven much like one of my favourite decks, the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot.

I noticed while browsing cards online that one of the characters looks like the big guy on The Lovers card in the Fey Tarot. They have similar titles too.

The boys begged me to release them so I did, and then they wanted to have a look at the jaunty men on the Cavalier of Hearts from the Tarot Philatelique. Who am I to stand in the way of these guys? Now they are talking of taking accordion lessons and making German Chocolate Sauerkraut cake for a special dinner.

Two guys, roaming the world for adventure and new tastes in cookery involving sauerkraut.

And you are there.




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