Sage Death

Daily Draw March 11th, 2012

I spent five hours yesterday reorganizing financial paperwork and shredding old stuff and generally organizing household records. Today I am doing our tax return, so I feel my anxiety dropping off to get some of this off my mind.

13 – DEATH

The words “sage” and “death” together remind me of burning sage and cleansing.

I keep getting the King of Cups, or at least it feels like I keep getting him. I used to consider him weak and too emotional, and I still do, but there is a newer sense that he is holding too much emotion inside which makes him weak. The idea of holding it in is my way, and I get to the point where I feel this odd anxiety and know I should be doing something to release myself. Usually it has to do with procrastination and letting things get untidy. A bit of hustling about to reorganize is helpful I find, and I slept much more peacefully and not as tensely last night for doing that.

Death reminds me that I am planning our wills and thinking about what we want to specify. My husband tells me there is a green movement toward burial which I found interesting. Neither one of us wants a funeral or memorial service (and neither did Georgia O’Keeffe!), or a headstone, but the idea of burning excessive fuel for cremation does not appeal either. Apparently it takes about 27 litres of fuel to cremate a single person, and it all goes into the air, so perhaps not the quick fix I thought it was. My husband says some of the memorial places allow a tree or shrub to be planted over your grave, which sounds ideal. They only allow you to be buried in a shroud or clothing of natural fibres. Anyway, something to consider.

This card and the depiction on it of a funeral pyre is rather apt considering what we were thinking about yesterday.




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