The Devil Can’t Ward Off Death

Daily Draw March 10th, 2012

The robins are back but we got snow yesterday! My older dog is suffering and having trouble walking. I’ve just found some more fatty lumps on her, and we have noticed that she no longer barks. I am desperately hoping this isn’t the start of the final months of her life.



Devilla must have the exact shade of purple lipstick or she feels upset. She could not find it in the stores and felt frustrated, so she bought a book on the make-up secrets of famous movie stars and did not feel better. Then she downloaded the Blossom Dearie version of Cole Porter’s song Give Him the Ooh-La-La from iTunes, but that did not make her feel any better either.

She has made purchases like this before when she feels restricted, and then feels guilty and out of sorts. These negative indulgences are not truly what she wants. She just wants to feel like her old self and wear the purple lipstick she has always liked. Devilla bought the book and the song thinking that they would give her pleasure, but it was an old pattern from her past and she should have recognized it.

Now she thinks buying a biography of Irving Berlin, and a bergère chair upholstered in red toile, and a chocolate ice cream would make her feel happy.

Quit chaining yourself down Devvie!



4 thoughts on “The Devil Can’t Ward Off Death

  1. Oh Devila, I have been there. I buy this and that, but it only ends up in the loft; before making it’s way to the charity shop. Sometimes, I think we’ve got everything we need; new things only succeed in blocking our vision sometimes and prevent us from seeing what we already have. I fancy a new deck, but I dug out an old one today (can see everything so much better in my cabinet) and it feels like new.

    • I hauled out my Georgia O’Keeffe Oracle last week and had a FAB time with it. It was like I wasn’t ready for it when I got it and now all of a sudden it makes sense, it wrapped itself into my mind.

      That’s the beauty of old decks!

    • I’m inclined to make an exception for the chair covered in red toile!

      We’d make a dangerous shopping team. We could drop $1,000 on a chair and then gorge on Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate and Chocolate Mousse Royale.

      Well, if we could find a Baskin Robbins in Deadsville, Ontario.

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