Arise, Let Us Cleanse the Theater

Daily Draw March 9th, 2012

Alas, the name of the deck uses the American spelling, so I must follow suit. Pun!


I spoke to my friend whose husband languishes in bed, unable to walk. She has to change his urinal and bedpan and she goes out every morning and buys him a paper and a Pro-Line ticket so he can bet the lottery. When he fills it out she drives to the store to play it for him. He won’t get out of bed except to go to the doctor.

It’s scary to contemplate how one would act in a similar situation. But I don’t think my active, creative mind would allow me to lie down passively and need someone to wait on me while I lie helpless. My husband agrees; we vow not to let life unfold like that. Pain is tough, I live with it all day and night too. If you can’t walk you can stand and stretch or stretch in the bed. You have to move the blood and lymph around in your body or bad things happen.

Creative people have the impulse to make things. I could be dying and I’d want to use my hands in some way, I can’t settle otherwise.

I must continue to take action and change so I don’t end up in a similar situation. There ARE worse things than death. Judgment is also about self-discovery and I will counteract hibernating and passivity in myself, learn new scripts for new plays, and have new goals.


4 thoughts on “Arise, Let Us Cleanse the Theater

  1. When I saw the title, I just knew you were going to be using our old play thing – the Phantasmagoric.

    Oh and there’s that lovely little blue thing I remember at the bottom on the right!

    I have worried about these thoughts. Where the body can’t keep with the mind. I always thought about the damage problems with hands or sight would be for people like us.

    • I sometimes think that too, particularly eyesight. I just always have to be doing something my mind roams around so much.

      Yes, our old play thing–I did not get a story coming to me today, but perhaps another card tomorrow will send a story blossoming upward?

  2. I love this post.

    I always think of Judgment/Judgement as relating to waking up to something fresh and new. I definitely think life gets old really quickly when you don’t do that. I’ve been in a rut lately for too long and so I’m very glad we’re moving (literally, at the end of this week) and also trying to find other ways to get moving (both in taking risks with traveling and finding creative work/outlets, even though it may be challenging to get going)…

    I am very sorry to hear about your friends. I assume this is the same friends that we were talking about before? Sending love and best wishes to all. That is not a pleasant situation. 😦

    I send you best wishes for a rejuvenating weekend.

    Big Hugs,

  3. Yes MM–same couple. I had hopes when he said he was stopping the milk in his tea in case that was one of the problems. I told him about food combining and natural hygiene and also suggested that even though he apparently doesn’t have celiac disease, he might try out the celiac diet anyway.

    These two people, say “That’s a good idea”–but really it’s a brush-off. He was out eating a hamburger after going for a colonoscopy. Sigh.

    I do feel rejuvenated, thanks. Had some fruit for breakfast and homemade soup and a big salad for lunch. I feel much better–food combining is like a miracle to my mind.

    Give yourself a bit of adjustment time after the move–it’s a big change.

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