Lightning Beckons

Daily Draw March 5th, 2012



Aha, now this is one card that is printed a bit too dark. When I scanned it in the light from the scanner highlighted some details that aren’t apparent in print. However, I do think that gives this card a little menace, which might not be a bad thing.

He is holding lightning in the palm of his hand or paw. It looks like a bear but seems to have human or simian hands. I like the idea of controlling electrical lightning, or not.

This is one case where the book is slightly helpful. Marie says the figure is ambiguous and started out as a panther but could be a bear or a man among other animals. She also says the Knight could be the lightning itself, which is a neat aspect of the card. Or he could be the dark polarity among Knights in the deck, acting like a vacuum that sucks light or something obscure like that. Oh well if you say so.

For me, he is the aspect of hidden energy and the glow within my body working and building energy. I zoomed around finishing my French knot dollhouse rug project yesterday, and started another one so it’s ready to work on this morning. I tried finishing a piece of art I started five years ago and realized it would not work, but I’ll keep it to remind me how far I’ve come. That too is a type of inner energy, or the resolution of energy.

I like the way the lightning looks like a fissure, opening to light, the eyes glowing with energy and heat as the body burns with ideas.



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