A Series of Permanence

Daily Draw March 4th, 2012

Autumn Trees – Chestnut Tree
Georgia O’Keeffe; 1924


This was painted at Lake George and was part of a series of different species of trees in all different colours.

We have horse chestnut trees, but we don’t often see edible chestnut trees today because most of them in North America were wiped out by a fungal disease. There are still a few stands in the States, but it reminds me of how life changes. The tree looks so permanent, so solid, reaching to the sky, anchored in ageless hills. And yet…

My husband is fond of saying when he hears of someone dying: “You never know the hour or the day.” Make the most of each day, says the chestnut.

I am also considering O’Keeffe’s fondness for working in a series and revisiting pictures or sketches from years ago and redoing them. I always wondered how people could work in a series but I’m starting to see how fascinating it can be. I have an idea I can imagine myself working up into a series, and this card deck and its imagery really popped out again at the right time.




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