The Swath of Green

Daily Draw March 3rd, 2012

Nude Series
ca. 1917
Watercolour on paper, 12 x 8 inches

I was unable to find a number or individual title for this one. Georgia O’Keeffe painted thirteen female nudes seated alone in this series. The watercolour was applied with either no pencil underdrawing or a faint one. Watercolour is very hard to control in direct application but she wanted just a few large coloured shapes to give more abstraction. She wanted it to be loose and allow more expression and intensity of colour.

While working on a drawing yesterday I was getting too uptight about the detail in the background, and this is my answer: float and be spontaneous.

I also took this literally to mean I need to pay attention to my feet and give them a soak tomorrow. I love the green swath in the foreground as it reminds me of Dr. Edward Bach saying in the 19th century that we should walk barefoot in the grass, which is backed up by trends among podiatrists today.

That makes me long for spring again amid a fresh batch of snow this week!


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