That King Is Stronger Than He Looks

Daily Draw February 28th, 2012



The Sun in this deck is a bit like The Lovers, but with a wider angle perhaps. Robert Place calls it the Greater Conjunction, which reminds me of the Bob Dorough song Conjunction Junction, sung marvellously well by Jack Sheldon, many years ago. A conjunction can also be where you hook up to creativity, which is a type of enlightenment. Still, the support and warmth of a partnership is hinted at here, dancing together over the Earth.

The King of Vessels is also called the King of Cups, and is one of the Court cards I find myself disliking. It’s that emotional thing. Yes, he’s a strong ruler, but I tend to think of emotions as undermining men, making them weak. Is compassion and nurturing weak? Place emphasizes self-fulfillment and going within to find answers with this card. If you think of Buddhism and going within, of not overcoming emotions but absorbing them and neutralizing them, them that seems very powerful to me, an inner strength that may not be apparent but is stronger than most. The whale is blowing water (emotion) into a cup, so he can carry it, his back strong, acknowledging and neutralizing, the gold a protective wall against kryptonite.

The seven vessels look very interesting, like seeing antique tools and guessing what the purpose of each one was. It’s like Joan of Arc picking the boy who was the Dauphin out of the crowd, you look and feel your intuition kick in to decide which tool, what method; the inner guidance of choice.

A quiet day perhaps? A quiet day of intuition and going within. I’m already half way there thinking about the composition of a piece of art I want to do. At some point I have to stop looking at books on art and colour and just go within to create my vision. I have also been seeing references of art and cards in my initial Mary-El Tarot study, so that will pop up today.

Do you swim in emotion when you swim in art? I tend to be so overcome with art and colour that my brain will not shut down and I start feeling sick and exhausted. That is the 7 of Cups aspect of the last card, this sick wanting of everything. The King would not allow that, and he is looking to decisions and tools today, the Greater Conjunction supporting him.




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