Temperate Cuddles

Daily Draw February 27th, 2012

Amazon.ca has shipped the Mary-El Tarot to me and jacked the price up. Fortunately, they dropped the pre-order price to $25 for a short time, so I squeaked in at that price. Even so, my Dad is paying for it with a bit of money he sent.

I realized this morning while browsing decks that I rarely use The Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert Place. I love his artwork and I have two large books on alchemical artwork, plus I think it’s important to know historically about alchemy and its symbolism, just because I’m interested in history and art, but the esoteric part of it doesn’t appeal to me.



Mixing equally, balance…surprisingly “health and beauty” from the LWB. Hmmm health and balance, the idea that moderation can improve health. My Dad always says “Everything in moderation” so I am also reminded of him.

I will think about that today, while one of my cats nestles inside the blanket I have wrapped around me, cuddling. I expect that’s where the beauty comes in.




2 thoughts on “Temperate Cuddles

    • I’m keeping it next to the computer for a while so that I can use it for a few days.

      In the second version he saturated the colours on the computer to give it some punch. I like them both but missed out on the first edition.

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