The Grey Square Beats Off Monsters

Daily Draw February 26th, 2012

Before I get started I wanted to mention a recently completed black and white deck that looks excellent. I know black and white decks are not as popular, but they are my favourites, and I always feel each one to be special when they come along. It is an infrequent joy, but a joy nonetheless. Jessica Shanahan has created the Tarot of the Absurd, which is not yet published. I hope to see it one day in an affordable edition; it looks interesting to work with. I love illustrations.

I am stumped about what to use today, so I went into the database and browsed pictures until something appealed to me. I’m a big proponent of random chaos, what happens, happens; you pick what you pick and go with it. I decided the Synchro-Signs were appropriate and listed below them was a playing card deck called Can You Believe Your Eyes? so I am pairing them up.



Which gray square looks lighter on the 7 of Spades? Squint and look. They are actually equal apart from the darker line in the middle of them. The 7 of Spades is about loss. Nothing big, but small losses and feeling something is gone. Which is quite apt for my week and year as I generally reflect on how society is changing and the ideas I value are becoming faint. While watching a documentary on Buddhism I was struck by how different their attitude to loss is and life flowing along and changing.

Are the black bars on the Jack inside or outside? It is not well defined inside or outside, kind of like sitting on the fence, it can’t decide which to be. This is supposed represent a younger male with dark hair. In fact I think it represents my husband today, although he is older.

The trickery of the eye and appearance seems to be the theme today.

Monster – Fears, worry and doubt. There is some humour to this one, as if to recognize that the monster in the closet is really not all that scary, he is just a thought.

Chains – Constraint and pain. Now this I am feeling. Often this is self-generated, the prison of the self-conscious. I like what she refers to as “carefully tended release” from the subconscious, which is the approach I am taking, although meeting with on and off success.

Passion – This could be about sexual energy but also channelling sexual energy into a passion for something else. I’m not feeling it. Perhaps it is an indication that the Monster and Chains are killing my passion?

My husband and I had some disagreeable days last week due to his lack of attention to processed foods and salt. I was having trouble breathing and I started looking at the labels of things he had bought and they were loaded with salt, a very bad thing for my blood pressure. I went ballistic, I couldn’t understand how he could be so unaware, so careless. I get along pretty well these days so he tends to forget I was ever ill, and then this junk comes slipping back into our lives, 920 mgs of salt at a time. I accused him of trying to kill me.

I suppose one has to be responsible for oneself, regardless of the lack of attention of others. People refer to another person as “having my back” in the sense that they are protected and watched over, defended by The Other. People try of course, but you have to break your own chains and defend yourself from monsters. There is no magic pill, there is no Other, there is only the Self, flowing and changing and always thinking.


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