The Galah Studies Pink in Cards

Daily Draw February 25th, 2012

For a couple of years now I have been interested in an Australian bird called a Galah. It is the loveliest pink and grey colour and is sometimes called the Rose-breasted Cockatoo.

The colours really excite me so I think I will try one in an illustration. While looking for a suitable bug to pair with it (all birds like a bug to keep them company), I found an alarming pink one in a card deck that might look nice although I was looking for a beetle. Of course, I could use a beetle reference and make it pink, which is probably what I’ll do. Yes, my particular fantasy involves bright pink beetles and galahs.

I had this insect card out on the table staring at me and got to thinking about some of the other nice pink cards I have in my collection. Then I started hauling decks out and browsing, and thus instead of a daily card I have a study in pink.

If you do not like pink, flee now for safety. You are warned.


Here is the card that started it all from the Bugs Knowledge Cards. It is a Clearwing Butterfly, the Cithaerias aurorina, and has a translucent look that is beautiful.

I have always like the soft medieval pinks in the Bosch and Giotto Tarots.

I can’t afford tourmaline but I love the colour of it. This is an odd deck that has a real New Age book that I don’t care for, but it’s fun now and then. I very kind woman gave the set to me for doing a reading for her.

The Lenormand deck I designed with clip art: nothing says beauty like pink AND green! The Nudges from the Universe cards have little figures doing Yoga postures and holding runes.

These are a bit on the purple-y side but in person there is more pink than reads in the scan.

I used to drink pink lemonade like that when I was a kid.

I have lots of foxgloves in my garden and particularly like this old botanical print of them.  The Luman Deck has lots of intense pink in it.


Lots of shells have pink shades in them that are gorgeous.

Gemstones have lovely shades of pink too.

Some of these scans don’t do justice to the pink colours but I was pleased to let it all wash over me.

Oooooh, I feel so warm and…sweet, ready to reach for pink ballet shoes and dance, preferably while examining photographic references of pink bugs. What could be better on a Friday night?


4 thoughts on “The Galah Studies Pink in Cards

    • I had a bit of trouble deciding which pink card from the Aquarian to use. The Chinese Horoscope cards were painted by Silvia Maddonni, who also created the Maddonni Tarot, so maybe that’s the one you are thinking of? I nearly bought that because I like her art but the pips were boring.

      I like pink–you can go from blush pink to deep, riotous fuchsia and everything in between. Yummy!

  1. Maddonni Tarot, yep that’s the one! Nice style of illustration.

    I think pink is very underated. People think of girly insipid tones, but it can be a very strong colour, as you show. I think there are some lovely pinks in the Connelly Tarot, if my memory serves me correctly. Sometimes, it’s what you mix it with that can make pink so beautiful. It seems to work well with so many other colours – yellows, greens, blues, black, brown. It’s a very sociable colour 🙂

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